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Water Printing, Hydrographics, and Camo Dipping Services

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Campbell Coating can add the cool factor or personal style to about anything. It also increases the value of the product and adds a barrier of protection with an automotive finish. Add value and character to your products by working together with the helpful staff at Campbell Custom Coatings and latest technology in the 3-D decorating industry.

Campbell custom coatings is a small family owned company that specializes is in 3D printing. With a small group of employees we feel that we can produce a product that is superior to our competitors at a very reasonable price. This small and very compatible group lets us take orders from one to several thousand parts and produce a part that has a flawless print and finish.

Each employee of Campbell Custom Coatings is professionally trained in all aspects of the print process to maximize output and quality. Campbell Custom Coatings also employs a full time in house chemist too trouble shoot any finish problems if they arise.

We feel that with our knowledge and drive for excellence that you will not be disappointed with your finished product. If it’s a new camouflage on that old bow or gun to thousands of wood grain interior dash parts we have a film and a finish option that will more then please you.

At Campbell Custom Coatings we have access to a number of patterns to decorate just about any product. We offer a number of carbon fibers, wood grains, illusion images, camo / camouflage, and other patterns that will fit just about any need. We also offer different finish options from a high gloss automotive finish to a flat finish for hunting purposes. Campbell Custom Coatings is also always trying new things, so if you have an idea for something that we don’t offer just shoot us a call or e-mail. If its custom work that you are looking for drop us a line as well, you might be surprised to what we have to offer.

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Camo Dipping Stories

My Predator Camo looks great! Campbell Custom Coatings is the #1 water printing comany. These guys are the camo dipping pros!”

- Dan B.
Minneapolis, MN

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